www.Wagcares.com – Take the Walgreens Customer Survey

Walgreens is offering customers the opportunity to leave feedback through the Wagcares.com website. Simply taking 5 minutes out of the day to let Walgreens know about the value they offer their customers through shopping for medical supplies, gifts and convenience items can get you entered into a sweepstakes giveaway.

Completing the feedback form is pretty simple and doesn’t take much time. The questions are mainly multiple choice if you don’t want to type out information about your visit. The following information will provide you the requirements and the steps for completing the Walgreens Cares survey.

How to Participate in Wagcares.com Feeback

  • A device such as a PC or a Mac with internet connection is needed along with an internet connection.
  • A Sales receipt from Walgreens with the survey code on it from the past month.
  • Have the ability to understand and read English or Spanish clearly.

Steps to Complete Walgreens Feedback Form

  1. First step is to visit the official site at www.wagcares.com where you will have the option to choose a language.
  2. Choose English or Spanish, then enter the survey number on your receipt.
  3. Enter the password that you see below the survey number also shown on the receipt.
  4. Next you will be greeted with a series of questions each on different pages, so you simply click the next button to get to the new ones. This is done to keep things less complicated, and allow you to answer questions with focus and attention to detail.
  5. Once you have completed the questions, the next step is to simply leave some final words that you may want to bring to the attention of the corporate office who will be reviewing your survey.

Once you have completely submitted the survey you will be entered into a giveaway for a cash prize valued at $3000. To look at previous winners of this prize you can go here to see each month winner.