www.myonemoney.com – Higher One Account

When it comes to financial choices and financial aid, you deserve more choices visit www.myonemoney.com to see what’s available for you. With so many choices and options set up to better serve you you’ll have many advantages over your finances including the ability to make deposits, compare accounts through mobile features. Deposit checks with the higher one app and have access to your money through an Internet only checking account that is serviced by higher one with student focused features.

Colleges and universities partner with www.myonemoney.com through Higher One to deliver your financial a refund. Higher One is committed to making sure that you receive 100% of your refund at no cost which provides students with clear choices and offers awesome customer service. Innovative checking account choices are also available, with a wide variety of features that are designed specifically to make your life easier.

Some of the features that you are included in when considering the ability to manage your money and receive financial aid refunds include, same business day deposit to a One Account funds are released by the University to Higher One. Another feature is the ability to deposit into another account, making money available within 2 to 3 business days.

You have many options for your refund delivery which includes a deposit to the OneAccount or deposit to another bank account or in some cases even a paper check. Knowledge is power so why not get the inside edge? The inside edge is a one-stop resource that will help with your money and your career and your overall life. Myonemoney.com provides you with everything you’ll need to get started whether it’s searching for scholarship opportunities for career planning tips. You’ll be able to simplify your life and get ahead on everything from travel savings to stress management. Money-saving career tips will help you get ahead and stay there when it comes to managing your finances.

So with so many great benefits and features such as mobile apps, mobile deposit technologies and text alerts along with cash back rewards and tips to help you plan for your future why not enroll for your myonemoney.com account. Maintain an active role in your financial education and be sure to maintain confidence in your refund.