www.Carmax.com/owners – Carmax Owner FAQ’s

Find the most frequently asked Carmax owners want to know the answers to at www.Carmax.com/owners. There may be questions you have concerning your vehicle and the place to find these answers is at Carmax.com. You can also use the site to register your car through the manufacturers website as well as or recalls by using the VIN Lookup website.

Find information about your warranty and service plan as well as transfer information, recalls and selling your car to Carmax among other things. Some of the most popular questions that are asked quite often consist of the following.

How can I get an owners manual for the vehicle I purchased from Carmax?

Answer: most of the vehicles that are sold through Carmax will come with an owners manual. If the vehicle you have purchased did not include an owners manual, you can simply visit the manufacturer’s website where you will find a viewable copy that you may possibly download. Keep in mind that some manufacturers do not offer a PDF or electronic version of their owners manual at this time. If they do not offer a downloadable version, in most cases you can order a paper copy.

What is a recall?

Answer: a recall often occurs when the traffic safety administration or the manufacturer themselves find that there is a current condition or defect that could affect the safety of those operating or inside a vehicle. Dealers are then notified by the manufacturer and registered vehicle owners are then notified as well. At this point the vehicle owner would want to take the vehicle to the authorized dealer for diagnosis and repair.

What is the national Highway traffic safety administration (NHTSA)?

Answer: This administration is an agency within the United States Department of Transportation that looks over the safety of vehicles. They set safety performance standards for vehicles and vehicle equipment.

Does Carmax fix open recalls?

Answer: if there are open recalls on a vehicle purchase through Carmax, chances are that the manufacturer has not authorized Carmax to complete recall repairs and closeout recalls. Before purchasing a car from Carmax, your sales rep will review with you and auto check report and VI in recall results from the NHTSA website. Therefore as a Carmax owner you will be notified prior to purchasing the vehicle on open recalls that you may have the manufacturer immediately.

How do I learn about recalls after I buy my Carmax car?

Answer: state vehicle registration data is used by manufacturer to issue recall notices. If you do not maintain your state registration information, it’s possible that recall notices may not sent to you. So it is vital if you move you need to update your address information.

Along with these frequently asked questions, you will find at Carmax.com/owners the ability to find answers to many other questions that you may have concerns of regarding your vehicle. Does your Carmax vehicle feature a GPS device such as a Garmin or tom-tom, get straight forward advice on setting up your tomtom GPS device. Following simple instructions, you can be sure that your vehicle is up-to-date on all manufacturer recalls. Make sure to register your vehicle today.