www.Mypks.com – Access Six Flags Employee Login


Six Flags offers employees a simple and convenient way to check their schedule through the mypks.com portal online. Six Flags has over 1900 full time employees and 27,000 seasonal employees each year who are trained in operating equipment and water parks. Keep in mind that MyPKS is only for active employees and staff, and can […]

www.CorrLinks.com – Corrlinks Inmate Email System


The Corrlinks.com system for inmates and for friends and family, allows for an inmate to have communication in an organized and safe manner. The options provided through the system allows for someone to initiate communications, and to block contact from an inmate if so desired. Corrlinks is available in most state run prisons, but can […]

www.roku.com/link – Setup Roku and Activate Player


Some customers have trouble setting up their Roku device to link up with their television. While streaming devices such as Chromecast and Apple TV have become popular, getting the devices to work with the latest smart TV’s is not always the easiest. That is why we made a helpful guide to get you through the […]